Can you improve your swim techniques without getting into the pool?

In the Dryland Rehearsal, you practice your form while looking at yourself in the mirror or the window. You can learn the correct postures or movements of the freestyle in a warm and relaxing environment. You can also identify your bad habits and problems and fix them by examining your movements and comparing them with examples.

Most of the problems in swimming come from not being able to see yourself when swimming in the water. If you understand the correct movement and postures and practice them while looking at yourself in the mirror, you can fix your bad habits, wasteful movements, and the muscle tension that you didn't notice before.

Freestyle Basic Movements

You can learn the freestyle basics including the insert position, the switch movement, and the recovery movement step by step. It shows the easy-to-understand focal points using the examples of the freestyle.

Drills for Easy freestyle

You can learn the movements of the freestyle drills on land including Superman Glade, Skate, SpearSwitch, and SwingSwitch.