How can I fix your swimming problems on land? 

  • I can say with certainty from my experience of helping 8,000 people improve their swim performance that 70% of your problems can be solved on land.
  • Many of the problems are caused by your brain, not correctly sending commands to your arms and legs.
  • So problems will be solved if your brain can memorize when and what it needs to send commands to which body part.

To improve your swim performance by practicing on land, you need to do the two things below. I will give you advice on “where to look” and “what and how you send commands” in a lesson.

  • Watch your performance objectively using a camera or a mirror.
  • Memorize the command procedure according to your coach’s advice.

I will also give you some comments if you provide me your swim video.

Lesson Description

This is a 30-minute online lesson with Shinji Takeuchi using Zoom.

Lesson tuition: US$48


  • To participate in a lesson, you need a high-speed internet connection and a smartphone or a personal computer with a camera.
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Making an Appointment

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