Online Private Lesson

Online Private Lesson

Take an online private lesson during the first week or before you begin, so you can understand what you are going to learn.

You can combine it with the last lesson of the previous course to reduce the number of lessons you participate in.

It is a 30-minute online lesson with Shinji Takeuchi using Zoom.

You can take four private lessons during the school period.

(including another course)

Making an Appointment

How to make an appointment

  1. Select the date from the calendar above.
  2. Select the time slot.
  3. Click "Confirm."
  4. Make sure your appointment date and time are correct.
  5. Type your name and email address, then add a comment to share with Shinji.
  6. Click "Schedule Event."
  7. You will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom meeting ID.

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