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Easy Freestyle School is composed of the following courses.

  • Easy Freestyle Basics: You can easily learn basic postures and movements to swim freestyle easily.
  • Easy Freestyle Basics: Kick and Breathing: You can learn kicking and breathing for freestyle.

Each course contains course and DVD materials.

Course materials

The course materials are composed of the following components;

Video Seminar

Several seminar videos are included at the beginning of each course.

By watching the videos, you can understand the theories and techniques you will learn in each course.

Basic Movements

By video, you will learn the basic postures and movements necessary for freestyle.

Move your body along with the video to learn the correct postures and movements.

Drill Rehearsals

By rehearsing pool drills on land, you can build commands for your body to create correct postures and movements.

Dryland Practice

By repeatedly practicing on land, you can learn the correct postures and movements.

The video format is vertical so that you can play the videos on a smartphone.

We recommend practicing in front of the mirror and comparing samples with your postures and movements.

Pool Practice

To acquire skills, you practice with drills that focus on the skills you want to acquire.

You can download a PDF file of the exercise content for review before the exercise.

DVD Materials

The DVD material includes videos describing each drill in addition to the scripts.

Use these videos when you want to understand details.

Also, drills used in the course material include links to the DVD material so you can view the description.

This school uses the following DVD materials:

  • Easy Freestyle
  • Easy Freestyle Dryland Rehearsal

Online Private Lessons

You can take two online private lessons based on your progress.

You need to install the Zoom app to take the lessons.

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