We provide the following four online courses to make your freestyle longer, faster, and more gracefully.

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Each course includes online workshops/private lessons with Coach Shinji, videos, and practice menus for self-study.

By learning these courses, you will be able to swim freestyle longer, faster and more gracefully.

Join as many online workshops as you want!

Online workshops are group lessons designed to form correct postures and movements.

If you participate in the lessons using the camera of your computer or smartphone, the coach can check if your posture and movement are correct.

You can take online lessons as many times as you want for 8 months at no extra cost.

We recommend you take one workshop when you begin this course, then take another workshop after you complete it to check your progress.

We use the Zoom app for online workshops.

Shinji will direct all the workshops.

You can also take private online lessons with Shinji.

If you find it difficult to attend workshops because of your schedule, you can take private online lessons with Shinji for up to two 30-minute sessions.

Practice dryland and swimming according to videos and practice menus.

While watching the video of the dry land practice, you learn the posture and movement by practicing them repeatedly.

Before practicing in the pool, watch the pool practice video to understand how to perform.

Download "Practice Menu PDF" to check the contents of the swimming pool practice.

The dryland practice video format is vertical so you can practice while playing it on your smartphone in front of the mirror.

How long and how often should I practice?

The course is for 5 weeks in total.

  • Week 1: Video seminar, three practice sessions
  • Weeks 2 through 4: Three practice sessions each week
  • Week 5: Two practice sessions as a summary
  • This is what a standard schedule would look like.

It is also possible to shorten the time until completion by increasing the number of practice sessions per week.

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SCL02-Kaizen Freestyle School

4 payments of $155/month

SCL02-Kaizen Freestyle School (4x$155)