How to proceed

Each course is designed for 5 weeks in total.

  • Week 1: Video seminar, three practice sessions
  • Weeks 2 through 4: Three practice sessions each week
  • Week 5: Two practice sessions as a summary

This is what a standard schedule would look like.

It is also possible to shorten the time until completion by increasing the number of practice sessions per week.

Basic Practice

While watching videos of basic movements and drill rehearsals, you create posture and movements on land.

While watching the video of the dry land practice, you learn the posture and movement by practicing them repeatedly.

Before practicing in the pool, watch the pool practice video to understand how to perform.

Download "Practice Menu PDF" to check the contents of the swimming pool practice.

The dryland practice video format is vertical so you can practice while playing it on your smartphone in front of the mirror.

We assume that you will practice once a day, but the more you practice dry land, the faster you will learn your posture and movements.

Online Private Lesson Participation

Take a private lesson during the first week or before you begin, so you can understand what you are going to learn.

Then, practice dry land and pool according to the course curriculum.

Finally, retake the online private lesson to assess your success if allowed. You can combine it with the first lesson of another course to save the number of the lesson participation.

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