Key Skills by Distance

Key Skills to Swim 25m

Butterfly consumes the most energy out of the 4 styles of swimming; therefore, you can achieve greater distance by improving your efficiency.

First, minimize water drag by keeping a balanced body line.

Next, move the upper body downward by shifting your weight, then synchronize arm movement during the upward motion.

Key Skills to Swim 50m

For breathing, coordinate the timing of the upward motion to lift your head above the surface.

By pushing the arms backward, you can propel your body forward during breathing.

Step by step, we will practice mastering the motions of the body and arms.

Key Skills to Swim 100m

You can easily swim long distances by using the entire body instead of depending on only your arms and legs.

First, practice single arm drills to adjust timing between arm movements and kicks. Then, mix single arm strokes with an increasing ratio of double arm strokes.

In addition, refine your skills to increase propulsion with your arm recovery.

Key Skills to Swim 200m

Master the rhythm required to swim the 200m Butterfly comfortably and fast.

Practice various drills in order to gain greater endurance and resilience, and to feel comfortable swimming 200m.

Approach to Achieving Your Goal:

These are common approaches for all distances.

  1. Imprint the best body form and develop the ability to swim half of the target distance while maintaining form.
  2. When you can easily swim that distance, then increase it to 75% of the target distance.
  3. When you can maintain efficiency for the distance, then extend it to the target distance.
  4. If you have difficulty increasing the distance, go back to drills and improve specific skills.

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