Workshop/Private Lesson

Take online workshops!

Take online workshops to quickly understand what you are about to learn.

In the online workshop, you will not only learn how to create the postures and movements you will learn in this course, but the coach will also review your postures and movements and point out "misconceptions" and "areas to focus on".

When you study by yourself, you feel uneasy about whether you are correctly practicing what you learned. Because 70% of swimming problems can be found and corrected on land, having a coach look at them at this point is important to avoid wasting learning time.

The online workshops that follow this course are:

Please refer to the link for details, confirmation of the implementation date, and application.

The specified workshops are included in your course and free of charge.

You can attend as many workshops as you want.

Coupon codes are listed on the course of the school, so please enter them when you apply to participate in the workshop.

Private lessons

You can also take private online lessons based on your progress.

The number of lessons you can take is specified in each course.

You need to install the Zoom app to take the lessons.