5-1. Sculling Basic Movement

Hand Movement

Hold your middle finger lightly and rotate your hand 45 degrees to each side on it.

It is the basic movement of your hand.

Forearm Movement 1

Open both of your arms to the same level and bend your elbows while keeping your upper arms in position.

Bend your arms to 90 degrees at the elbows and then straighten them out again.

Check the movement and the angles in the mirror.

Forearm Movement 2

With your index fingers pointed, move them in an arc that is 2” down at its deepest position.

You may imagine yourself a conductor directing an orchestra.

Combined Movement

Combine the movements of your hands and forearms.

Face your palms inward when you move your hands inward and outward when you move the hands outward.

Do not flip your wrists or move your elbows. J

Just combine the arcing motion of your forearms and the rotation of your palms.

Sculling Completion

Adding a small movement of pushing the water outside will complete sculling.

Do this movement quickly in a relaxed manner to increase the efficiency of sculling.

Advanced Sculling Movement

Draw 8 sideways with your index fingers.

Then do it with your palms.

Keep your elbow in position and move your elbow to 90 degrees, the same way you do in the simple sculling.

Do it slowly first, and when you get used to it, do it faster.

If you do the movement correctly in the water, you will create spiral patterns.

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